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Factors That Distinguish Great Hired Staff For Promotional Functions

After you put in all the hard work, the staff that you hire to run the show can make or break it in dramatic style. Often times when the big day dawns you look around and see everything such as the vendors, the music and your company branding in place, but at the last minute you see that the hired staff are not paying attention. This can be very disconcerting especially when you notice these only on the event day itself. These things can be avoided by knowing what to look for in the corporate event planners Adelaide and other staff you hire. You may not think it is important but it is the people running the function who can really make or break it. It is not your branding or the products on display, if the people that represent the company put on a bad show it can really damage the reputation of the company and the overall programme. Let’s look at some factors to remember.


Getting a lot of individuals to man the stands and talk to people who come to your program is easy; it is getting the right kind of individuals that is difficult. The individuals you hire should have the right personality and match characteristics of the brand. They will also need training and experience with your brand to do their job properly.

It is time consuming

You cannot hope to get the best event personnel on board without some work on your part as well. Often times it is a time consuming experience which you should not keep till the last minute. You need to understand that the people you hire are not just there to hand out leaflets they become strategic partners and therefore need to be selected carefully; after all they become an extension of your brand. Another thing to remember is that simply paying them will not make them work for your brand, so you need to take the time to get to know them and work with them to build a great team that will match your brand and programme requirements on that day.


The right kind of individuals will have the drive and passion to do what they do. They will also have past experience in working for a brand and will know how to convey or portray the brand values when they engage with potential customers or individuals you meet at the programme.

Support employees

They should be flexible and willing to work alongside employees of the organisation, which means they should have the right attitude as well.

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