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Books will never get old because nothing beats the feeling you get when turning page after page to get to the next part. Books help us to imagine, to unwind and to relax, it helps us to escape the hot mess life has become and, momentarily live a life of adventure and fun with no strings attached. In life there is always something to do; work to get to, laundry to be folded, a tap to be fixed, kids to be picked up, and the list is endless really!To me books are the answer to the question, ‘’what if’’.

What if I was stranded in an island alone-( robinson crusoe by Daniel Defoe)What if I was a royal princess in the desert kingdom- (princess by jean Sasson)Responsibilities and commitments weigh us down and have us running up and down to make life work. To have a way out does wonders not only to us but our family, work and everything we hold dear to our heart. We live in a digitally driven world, all around us everything is automated and advanced to suit the new world. Books remain one of the very few things that have stood the test of time. Many things we knew as kids have been long replaced. No more cassettes, Walkmans or radios are to be seen today. They are ancient for today’s teenagers.In our humble opinion our website is a livewire to all the book lovers out there.

Our main task is book reviews online. Ones we have tried and tested ourselves, and we like to let you know if we think the title is worth your while. We know you try to sneak in two pages between classes or if you’re a mom, while your baby takes a little nap.

It is important to us to provide you, what we like to believe is an honest and unbiased opinion on the best fiction novels to read that come out so that with us by your side you will continue to indulge in reading. That is what we really want. For you to continue to read. Check this site offer a great of best fiction novels to read to suit your needs in reading.

There would be nothing to read if nothing was ever written so we like to do our part to Introduce , interview and get to know the best Australian authors featured in our page so that the writer and reader is able to connect in a more personal level rather than knowing each other from the back of paperback. Books are loved by all.

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